Naltrexone first licensed for opiate addiction in 1984 has a long history of safe use for its opiate receptor and endorphin-modifying properties. Naltrexone has been recognized in lower doses to also have an immunological effect which has been reported to be beneficial in autoimmune diseases. LDN also promotes healing, inhibits cell growth, and reduces inflammation. The lower dose is referred to as Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). Most commonly taken in doses of between 0.5mg and 4.5mg. Studies have shown that the mechanism of action for LDN:

  • Blocks the opiate receptors intermittently 
  • the immune system is regulated by endorphins, which have a primary action on opiate receptors
  • many outward diseases expressions of a malfunctioning immune system
  • by blocking opiate receptors for a brief time using naltrexone causes an up-regulation in the production of endorphins, which then can act as an immune modulator correcting immune system malfunction

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